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Duty of Care Submissions Form

Important information about making a submission:

  • Anyone can make a submission to the Senate Environment and Communications Legislation Committee.
  • Your submission is likely to be published on the committee’s website, unless you ask for it to be private (confidential) or for your name to be private but the submission content published (name withheld). You can say this in the email or when you upload your document
  • Your contact details are not published
  • Don’t include anything you would not like to be published, unless you explain that you want something to be confidential
  • Names of other people, and identifiable images of children, will not be published
  • After you make your submission, it will be given to the committee members, and they will decide whether to accept it and publish it
  • People giving evidence to Senate committees are protected by parliamentary privilege, which means that witnesses cannot be sued or prosecuted for what they say in evidence to a committee. You can read more about the process here.

If you're feeling stuck, please refer to our How-To Guide

How-To Guide: Make a submission to the Duty of Care Inquiry.